The Return

No, I did not die. I am here, in the same way that you are here (or, will be here, at which time I will have been here, but now am elsewhere). My lay-off is blamed on a few things: the GRE test (did just fine thanks), road tripping all over the east coast (did just fine thanks), wining and dining former college advisors for the purpose of trying to figure out my life (the pork chops resembled the slab of meat that flipped over Fred Flinstone’s car during the show’s intro), apartment shopping in NYC (I just realized that being poor in NYC can be hazardous to your health: less money for rent=higher likelihood of being stabbed walking from the subway to your broken down looking home), getting into Grad School, and now holiday stuff. And I turned 24 the other day, which means my cynicism and aches/pains per hour have both increased.

Nonetheless, commaPause returns.

In the few days left before Christmas, I have decided to create a new category for my blog: wish lists. Every post between now and X-Mas will be in the format of a holiday wish list. I will start today with my own, post a few things, and add to it daily. There will be other people’s wish lists as well (I’ve got an in with Santa, don’t ask). So, for your holiday viewing pleasure…

My Wish List:

  • Make hockey go away
  • Take Linda Cohn with it
  • Keep the Dolphins from doing what I’m pretty sure they’re about to do to the Patriots (doom impends, I feel it, and I’m frightened)
  • Let me weasel my way onto Bill Simmons’ podcast
  • Condone Kevin Garnett’s heart (it will most certainly erupt within the next three years)
  • Bring Brandon Roy to all the television screens of the world:

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