A Handful of Wish Lists


Tom Brady’s Wish List

    Greg Oden’s Wish List

    • Youth
    • Oxy Pads

    T-Mac and Dirk’s Wish List

    • Everlasting Regular Seasons

    Eli Manning’s Wish List

    • A way to trade myself off of my fantasy football team
    • A flashlight (it’s dark and lonely in this shadow)

    Ron Artest’s Wish List

    • A slinky
    • A job at Forever 21
    • Gummi Bears
    • A way to stop the voices!
    • To be allowed to wear the number 69
    • Pajamas with the feet and the zipper up the front

    Shawn Kemp’s Wish List

    • For the term “child support” to be removed from the English Language

    Kirk Hinrich’s Wish List

    • For you to stop trying to recruit me to work with your other elves every Christmas! I’ve got a job, Santa! Let me wilt under Scot Skiles’s wrath in peace!

    Michael Vick’s Wish List

    • Kittens. Lots of kittens. Just to piss off those dog lovers some more.

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    One Response to “A Handful of Wish Lists”

    1. Kaycie Says:

      I totally missed wishing you a happy birthday. Happy belated. As I can recall, I was wasted and reading your blog on your birthday. Good luck with New York my friend and Merry Christmas… as I loathe away here @ the Hard Rock.

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