“New England,” Latin for “Shut it”

Play along at home

Yes Randy Moss, a tip of the hat to you and yours.

While my hat is T.I.’d (not arrested, tipped you idiots), one to you as well, Boston Celtics.

Why the hat tipping? Here’s one for sticking it to the haters.

With talks of easy scheduling, cheating, or any other nonsense that is “unearthed” on a near daily basis, the Patriots and Celtics continue to live by this simple mantra: win always, against whoever, however it is necessitated.

You see, professional sports are hard. Yeah, amazing right? The athletes are so uber-gifted it should give you a headache. Get off your butt (in between games), go down to your local gym, and find a group of high-school varsity players some time. In any sport, I dare you. They’ll eat you alive.

So professional players? Please. Professional=players whose profession is sports. Therefore, winning performed in the nature of said Celtics and Patriots needs to be appreciated. I know, Berman gushes enough on his thirty-minute “2 Minute Drill” every weekend. But let me make some amends to what he overlooks.

To start, the spin that the teams the Celtics have beaten are of lesser talent—pure crap. You can’t base a win’s worth solely on the records of the two teams. You base a win on a few factors, the most important one being how well a team plays. Look at the Jazz game last night. The Jazz, we all know, are capable of being a dominant team in the league, a top 4 team in the west. They’re 16-16 after last night’s loss. Does that depreciate the win the C’s had?


Why? Because the Jazz played damn well. Match-ups count. Ask the Warriors, or better yet, ask Dirk about Australia. The Celtics three loses have come to teams who played excellently against the Celtics those games. None have been a result of the Celtics undermining themselves.

Look at the Pats. People talk of how they’re slipping. Their performances aren’t as convincing as the wins massacres they stock-piled at the start of the season. You know what, their close games were a result of opponents playing excellently. Ravens—the best they looked all season. Eagles—Feeley/God? And the Giants—Eli Manning’s single best performance I’ve ever witnessed.

So yes, there are some who appreciate 16-0 or 25-3. But not as much as they should, as evidenced by Randy Moss’s SportsCenter comment and Ray Allen‘s quote.

So for those of you who hate, hush. Hate in silence, and hate from behind. New England teams can’t hear you from the top this year.

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