Crazy Is As Crazy Does

Bobby Knight had been relatively quiet lately. Other than supposedly shooting at a random guy on a hunting trip a couple months ago, all seemed calm on the home front.

Until this.

Most people try and use youg children as a shield—a small mass of flesh capable of softening situations with a combination of cute and drool. Bobby Knight apparently prefers rather to use his grandchildren as a means of sharing his inner monologue. Bobby Knight’s inner monologue is also apparently R-rated.

To comment on something like this really does little. Passing judgment on family interactions makes no sense, you will always be comparing what you’re seeing to your own experiences, and your own family experiences are certainly dynamic and abnormal in their own right, therefore proving your judgment useless.

Instead, I believe this instance should be dumped onto the pile of all the other Bobby Knight instances, only to be looked at as part of a whole. A complex, foul-mouthed, grandfatherly whole.


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