Bulleted Thoughts

The sports world collectively upended itself over the past couple of days, and I am reeling. Not in a “my favorite team just got knocked out of the playoffs” kind of way (sorry Colts fans). It’s more based on the insanely high crazy stuff per hour ratio. With so much to weigh in on, I find it only right to bring back the bullets and work my through them.

  • For the life of me I cannot figure out Terrell Owens. Is he really crying because he thinks his quarterback might be criticized by the media? Isn’t that a little bit like crying on Sunday because the next day is Monday and you have to go back to work?

    Yeah, it sucks, but it’s kind of the deal—you work during the week and you get the weekend off. Tears don’t lessen inevitability. Being a starting QB on a big name team and then losing in the playoffs for the second year in a row means you will be criticized, Mexico trip or not. Don’t get me wrong, I think Romo’s getaway to Cancun effected nothing about his performance and was made into a big deal solely by the media. I also think that Terrell Owens’ sympathy for his teammate is touching. But, like most things TO, I think it is somewhat childish and completely perplexing to shed tears and call the treatment unfair because Romo is “my quarterback man.”

  • First the Celtics lose to the Bobcats and Wizards (with a win against the Nets sandwiched in between), then the Pistons get dismantled by the Knicks (or, more fairly, dismantle themselves with horrendous shooting). Does this mean that the Celtics are overrated and that the Knicks might be good? Probably a little and not at all. Please excuse my hypocrisy, but as Bill Simmons likes to point out on hid podcast (invite me on Bill!), in an era when the casual fan constantly has a steady flow of sports knowledge IV dripped into his ear, small events like this are made out to mean much more than they should. Good teams lose; it’s a long season. Now don’t bother me unless the Celtics lose to the Wizards and Blazers and the Knicks go on a short win streak prior the the MLK day game.
  • Chicken or egg? Philip Rivers is cocky because he’s good, or he’s good because he’s so damn cocky? Whatever the reason, I hate him, and it worked. This will surely be touched on again by myself and 23o9473 media outlets before next week’s game, but Rivers’ brash play and game-ly taunting should completely cancel out the lack of sportsmanship the Patriots showed at the end of last season’s play off game. The team’s hypocrisy has, and I’m sure will continue to, anger me to no end. Stop whining about cheating when Merriman got suspended for cheating last year. Don’t talk about the Patriots lack of sportsmanship when Rivers talks trash to everything that isn’t wearing a Chargers uniform each week. I’ve got more ranting to do here, but seeing as how I now have a large amount of money riding on the Pats-Chargers game, I’ll save it for a late week NFL preview.
  • An interesting tid bit I heard on some sports show on Friday regarding the Marion Jones debacle: no player has been sentenced for admitting to using illegal substances when asked. Only when they lie under oath and then retract their false statement later have they been indicted. Food for though in light of the Clemens case.
  • Bad news for Lakers fans (and fun team basketball fans everywhere) with the Bynum knee injury. The X-Rays were negative, and from what I’ve heard he says it’s not too painful, but until those MRI results come back later today, you’ve got to be worried. Remember, this is the exact time the Lake-show turned sour last season due to injuries. Lets hope this is just a sprain, I would hate to see such a promising young center have his career drastically impacted this early.
  • Lastly, a quick shout to Ryan Grant. I now rank him right there with Marion Barber and Michael Turner as the hardest runners in the NFL. He didn’t come out of nowhere, he apparated onto the damn scene. Do you think his performance made Shaun Alexander hurt on the inside more than just a little?

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