Three-Point Shootout Projections

2 in a row?

Before I get to my selections for the Three-Point Shootout (and I promise this is the last one, there will be no Shooting Stars or Skills Competition picking), I just wanted to share this link with you. It takes you to’s homepage for the dunk contest, and at the bottom you can see the Top 10 dunks of each contestant’s career. I’m always one for dunk mixtapes, just thought you might enjoy it too.

Now for the choosing. In an effort to reduce monotony from my shoot-out contestant rationale (“he shoots good from deep”), I have decided to switch up the format a little bit. Instead of a paragraph on I have chosen each player, there is simply a YouTube clip. Agree or disagree, but the clips I selected were enough for me to deem the contestants worthy.

Three-Point Shootout:

Contestant 1 — Jason Kapono, F, Miami Heat

Reigning Champ, 51% from 3 this season

Contestant 2 —
James Jones, F, Portland Trail Blazers

Really good and really ambiguous (think Tim Legler)

Contestant 3 — Steve Nash, G, Phoenix Suns

Enjoys doing stuff like this

Contestant 4 — Anthony Parker, G, Toronto Raptors

Just plain nasty

Contestant 5 — Peja Stojakovic, G, New Orleans Hornets

Sure pick to win if Chris Paul could pass to him in place of racks

Contestant 6 — Ray Allen, G, Boston Celtics

NBA loves repping best team… plus, he’s wet

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4 Responses to “Three-Point Shootout Projections”

  1. kanio Says:


    very interresting picks.

    Ive been searching the net for info regarding the shootout where I would love to see a battle where Kapono, Allen and Stojakovic had a go at each other.

    And look what Ive found on the site…. under the footlocker section you can read that Allen and Stojakovic will have a go for another title…. is this old… I dont think so. Im guessing they already have the participants picked and by accident posted the above mentioned two on this site… look here:

    Oh… did I mention I hope Peja wins it for the third time though I think Kapono is deadly…

  2. Collin Says:

    Very interesting link, Kanio, it will be interesting to see if that was a legitimate question posed by one of the website authors or an actual slip-up. We will know in a day or two either way.

    As for who would win this shootout, it’s a tough call. This would be one of the best fields in any three-point shoot out that I can remember—here’s to hoping that they take my advice.

  3. kanio Says:


    Atleast Peja is in!!!! =)
    Kobe is a interresting choice… very clutch but the low percentage makes me wonder if he really deservers a spot.

    Other than that I like the participants, it will be a tough competition this year!!!!

    Announced participants!!!

  4. Collin Says:

    I too am intrigued to see Kobe in the shoot-out. Lets hope he does better than Iverson did back in the day.

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