Near Tragedy at Super Bowl (other than 18-1)

Following the Super Bowl’s surprising end, surely there were thousands, tens of thousands, of fans who felt an aggressive reaction to what had just transpired.

That was my original thought when I read this headline on this morning: “Feds: Man at Super Bowl had rifle, ammunition.” It must have been a Patriots fan who, compelled by a few too many stadium brews and an unruly group of fans around him, got out of control and went to his car for a stashed rifle, I guessed.

But I was in no way ready for what I found upon reading the article:

“A would-be bar owner angry at being denied a liquor license threatened to shoot people at the Super Bowl and drove to within sight of the stadium with a rifle and 200 rounds of ammunition before changing his mind, federal authorities said.

Kurt William Havelock, who ultimately turned himself in, had vowed to “shed the blood of the innocent” in a manifesto mailed Sunday to media outlets, according to court documents. “No one destroys my dream,” he wrote.”

The man wrote a manifesto (eight pages?) promising to kill innocent people as a revolt against the Tempe government—over having his application for a liquor license denied? More than that, the license was to be used for a “Halloween-themed bar” named either “The Haunted Castle” or “Drunkenstein’s?” The simultaneous hilarity/horror of the whole situation baffles me.

Thankfully, Havelock never went through with his plan—imagine having to live with the knowledge that your loved one was killed over a man’s inability to cope with his denial of opening a bar named “Drunkenstein’s.”


2 Responses to “Near Tragedy at Super Bowl (other than 18-1)”

  1. Pip Says:

    Well, perhaps this is why he was turned down for the License. Maybe he should think about selling “FRUIT CAKES”

  2. Links 2/14/08 - Kellan « K and J Sports Says:

    […] I found this Superbowl story to be funny as well as creepy.  Is there a story involving sports, guns, and liquor that ever ends […]

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