Little To Say About Everything

Forgive my lack of posting for the last couple of days, I seem to have come down with some sort of “your stomach hates food” bug. Enjoyable.

A lot happened in sports last night, but I can’t bring myself to write about any of it. With the entire world seemingly plugged into sports news updates 24/7 I try my best to refrain from any recaps—surely I am bringing little new information to the subject by the time you are reading my post. So let those paid to talk loudly about sports argue the blown calls at the end of the Tennessee/Rutgers and Villanova/Georgetown game, or worry over Stan Van Gundy calling out Dwight Howard after their loss to the Cavs. I am above it.

Instead, I found two infinitely more interesting YouTube clips to share. The first is something I immediately searched for after seeing today’s SportsCenter Top 10 Highlights. The highlight was a recap of Nimitz High’s Brittney Griner dominating some local competition in her game. If I remember correctly, she was an assist away from a quadruple-double. As impressive as that is, what is even more impressive is the moment in the highlight when she got the ball in the post, spun middle, and dunked with ease. Granted, she’s 6’8″, but a high school girl! With ease! So I investigated a little. Here’s what I found.

The second clip comes to commaPause via Bill Simmons’ latest edition of “The Links.” There, one of Bill’s readers e-mails the Sports Guy with a link to this highlight of Shaquille O’Neal’s (LA Lakers edition) version of the “Cheers” theme song, just another reason why I wish I could be the last guy on the bench for an NBA team.

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4 Responses to “Little To Say About Everything”

  1. Brittney Griner Says:

    I had an accident when i was born, the doctors mutilated me during my circumcision, and they decided to turn me into a girl…… obviously the estrogen isn’t working because I look like a man, sound like a man, and probably smell like a man. And you know what they say…..

  2. Justinian Says:

    I’m gonna have to agree with Brittney… I watched this the other night drunk and wanted to talk about “her” voice, but wasn’t smart enough to realize where the comment link was..

    seriously that chick’s a dude.

  3. Justinian Says:

    and Collin the only thing I’d call “food” in your diet is the chicken breast.

    but then again that may be part of what’s keeping me 20lb heavier than I’d like to be.

  4. Collin Says:

    @ Justinian,

    It’s not really your fault. I mean, you’re going to school to become a brewmaster. I would say this is the one school where the freshman 15 is mandatory.

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