Scott Pollard’s Offseason Workout

*Note:* My intent was to post this yesterday, but I wrote the post from a computer that was not my own, and since the video I wanted to embed was from the NY Times site, I needed VodPod to do so. I decided to wait until I got home, but then the internet (and cable–2 for 2 Time Warner) was down. So, you’ll have to follow the link for now; I’ll embed the video when the possibility presents itself.

I saw a piece on TV about how Rik Smits now races some form of Motocross these days (read article about it here), and it made me think: I wonder what other NBA players like to do as hobbies in their free time?

Now, Rik Smits didn’t ride motorcycles during his career (due to a contract clause, if my memory of the show serves me correctly), so he couldn’t have partaken in Motocross as an off-season training tool, but many players have found alternatives. Steve Nash, for example, rides his skateboard and dribbles his basketball all over lower Manhattan from what I hear.

But Steve Nash is a star, so doing something as mainstream as skateboarding is only fitting. What would a lesser known player do?

What does Scott Pollard do? I mean beside invent hair styles.

It would have to be something outside the norm (follow the link for fun)…

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2 Responses to “Scott Pollard’s Offseason Workout”

  1. bolvbball Says:

    Im not sure of what type of physical activities Scott Pollard participate in during the offseasons,but one thing ive noticed he has been pretty good at lately is grabbing a NBA ring,$$,for doing absolutely nothing to deserve them.So i figure,his offseason hobby is finding desparate teams who are in need for a BIG,that is in the rebuilding stages,with vulnebilities attached to their franchises.I figure he spends most of his offseason on the cell phone with his agent.Its seems to be an artform,that he has mastered lately.

  2. Collin Says:

    I’m not even sure he is proactive in it. There will always be a need for big men in the NBA, regardless of their actual skill. No hate to Scott Pollard, but his assets are: big, has 6 fouls, is healthy sometimes.

    Regardless, he has a ring, and I do not. Nor does Charles Barkley or ‘Nique. Can’t hate on that fact–earned or not.

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