Hornets New Unis

Hornets get classy by going recent retro with an update (image from an attendee of unveiling, via forum on hornetsreport.com)

Hornets get classy by tweaking their late 90's retro look (image from an attendee of unveiling, via forum on hornetsreport.com)

It’s official, the Hornets have the illest threads in the L starting NOW. Pinstripes, a la the Glen Rice days. Perhaps the Hornets will follow in the NFL mold of improved success with a new look (Pats, Bucs, Seahawks, etc.) and take the trophy this year. They’ve got to be in contention even without the makeover luck, so now, who knows?

Go here, here, and here for pics, and then here for video. Big nod to Hornet247 and SLAM.


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5 Responses to “Hornets New Unis”

  1. Travis Outlaw Says:

    Its almost exactly like the old Charlotte Hornets color.

  2. Collin Says:

    Yeah, I’m feeling the new look a lot.

  3. Lee Says:

    I haven’t seen an NBA game since Mugsy Bogues (check spelling on that) and Glenn Rice were Hornets players, but weren’t they the Charlotte Hornets? When did they become the New Orleans Hornets? Lol. Sorry, it’s been a while. And also, do you think the NBA is less interesting without guys who had big personalities (like Charles Barkley, Jordan, Rodman, etc), because that’s kind of why I stopped watching. A lot of the new guys had great skills, but they weren’t entertaining. (But I am curious to know what you think of that since you know sports so well (I don’t).

  4. Travis Outlaw Says:

    Sorry for answering this for you Collin. The Charlotte Hornets moved to New Orleans for the 2002–03 NBA season. The city of Charlotte got the Charlotte Bobcats for the 2004–05 NBA season. Mugsy Bogues and Glen Rice are both long retired. Bogues played his last game as a Toronto Raptor. Rice played his last game as a LA Clipper.

    I think the NBA still has big personalites. We have Kobe (rapist, loner, big ego) who’s now the MVP. Ron Artest (crazy, anger management problems), and Rasheed Wallace (funny as Barkley).

  5. Collin Says:

    True that Mr. Outlaw. Additionally, I would add that Gilbert Arenas and DeShawn Stevenson from the Wizards as well as Chris Bosh from the Raptors are great personalities, all three of whom blog and make youtube videos to keep their fans in the know on what goes on in their day to day. You should definitely check out Gilbert’s blog if you haven’t yet–it’s the best athlete blog on the web in my opinion.

    The league is chalk full of young talent right now, and it can be argued that it’s in the best shape it has been since the Magic/Bird/Jordan years. You should definitely start watching again.

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