About Me

I read. I ponder. I worry about mediocrity a little too much. I watch basketball first, all other sports next. I lift weights. I reminisce about many things. I listen to and own music before it’s legal to. I oscillate between opposite corners of the country. I insanely watch what I eat. I indulge a sneaker fetish now and again. I easily lose contact with people. I struggle with the decision of finding a new hobby to replace basketball or dealing with the growing pain in my knees (my knees are losing). I love Kevin Garnett’s insane passion. I listen to and read nearly everything Bill Simmons does, even though I find him a little repetitive and corny. I am CUNY Graduate School of Journalism bound. I am bound and determined to figure out what the purpose of this thing–life–is. I wonder if when it’s all winding down I will look back on everything and nod.

And now I blog.


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