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Game Recap: Bobcats vs. Celtics

January 10, 2008


One thing the Bobcats were not last night was intimidated. Not by the record, not by the winning streak, not by the home crowd, and most certainly not by the Celtics’ suddenly vaunted defense.

As we learned in last year’s playoff series between Golden State and Dallas, some teams simply match up well against others. Charlotte certainly has played Golden State to Boston’s Dallas this year, pushing the Celtics to, and now beyond, the brink in their two meetings this season.

Charlotte played hungry last night, attacking the basket, the boards, and sub-par Celtics one-on-one defense from the game’s start. Rarely have teams so handily outscored the Celtics in the paint this season, but a couple key factors attributed to the 42-28 disparity that the Bobcats enjoyed.