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Worth Watching Again and Again

January 23, 2008

This happened about four days ago, and for some reason I’m just now posting it. It’s Deron Washington’s latest. You’ve probably seen it. You should watch it again.

And as an added bonus, here is my favorite D Wash dunk from last year. I really hope Virginia Tech doesn’t go deep in the tourney this year so we can see this kid in the college dunk contest.


What the *%@! is a Bekkering?

January 10, 2008

My thoughts on the Celtics sleepwalk of a loss against the Bobcats last night will come later, but for now, you need to see this. For real. Wait out the first minute, enjoy the middle, and then prepare yourself for the ending highlight and tell me if you managed to watch the entire thing without making a “bad smell” face. I didn’t. I looked like Stephon Marbury when Amare snatched Olowokandi’s soul.

This YouTube clip is taken from Chris O’Leary’s article at Click here for the full article, featuring a e-mail interview with Henry Bekkering, and another YouTube highlight video of an earlier Bekkering dunk contest

Crazy Is As Crazy Does

January 6, 2008

Bobby Knight had been relatively quiet lately. Other than supposedly shooting at a random guy on a hunting trip a couple months ago, all seemed calm on the home front.

Until this.

Most people try and use youg children as a shield—a small mass of flesh capable of softening situations with a combination of cute and drool. Bobby Knight apparently prefers rather to use his grandchildren as a means of sharing his inner monologue. Bobby Knight’s inner monologue is also apparently R-rated.