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Celtics vs. Nets Game Notes

November 10, 2007


The C’s travel to the Izod Center tonight, squaring off with the 4-1 New Jersey Nets. Most pre-season predictions tagged the Nets as one of the powers in the East, mainly due to the return of Nenad Krstic. But their early success stems greatly from Richard Jefferson’s output. Currently fifth in the league in scoring, Jefferson is the complete player that Carter has never quite been for New Jersey. My theory is that he catches a lot of flak from opposing players about owning the worst tattoo in the league (it’s a hand drawn sun-ish thing around the block initials “RJ”—except it looks like a three year old used their weak hand to draw it), and this has, after all these years, enraged him to the point where he has turned into the equivalent of the Incredible Hulk. We’ll see if he throws someone through the backboard tonight.

• Jason Kidd uncharacteristically turns the ball over on the Nets first possession, leading to a Ray Allen floater on the other end. How does someone with no rotation have such a soft touch? For the last six years (since an article pointed it out) I have been baffled by this fact. I suppose I should accept that his nickname is Jesus for reasons beyond Spike Lee’s joint.
• Kidd to Carter for a reverse alley-oop. Carter looks comatose.
• Rondo with his second jumper in two games. He has met his quota for the month and I expect nothing more from him (translation: don’t shoot any more jumpers Earthworm Jim)
• Rondo shoots another jumper. He misses.
• After watching Kidd hit a long jumper, and seeing him regularly hit international threes this summer for Team USA, I am convinced that, given enough years, anyone can become a decent shooter. Except Shaq. Shooting is beneath the Big Aristotle. (more…)


Hawks vs. Celtics Game Notes

November 9, 2007

KG makes me smile

Being back in Maine provides one major advantage over being in San Diego: local coverage of every Celtics game. So this is the first of many Celtics game notes. Tonight they’re at home against the Atlanta Hawks, a team that is doing exactly what they’re supposed to be doing. They are who I thought they were! No, really though, as just about every sports writer in the country already noted, with all those years of lottery picks, the Hawks should be good. Tonight we’ll see how just how good as they go up against the NBA’s top defense.

• James Posey won’t be playing tonight due to back problems. Bad news for the Celtics due to a thin, relatively unproven bench at the wing positions—where the Hawks are just stacked. And obviously Posey is a great defender. Tony Allen and Eddie House could take some abuse tonight (is it no longer okay to compare abusees to Jason Kidd’s wife? I think it’s probably been too long—the currency has passed. Plus, I like Kidd now, unlike when the Nets and Celtics had a heated rivalry)
• Paul Pierce opens with a jumper, fading to his left. He misses only once a game fading to his left. Count yourself it’s true.
• Now that Josh Smith learned to dribble, he’s damn near horrifying to face.
• Now that Josh Smith has a jumper, he’s damn near horrifying to face.
• Eww, Smith overshot the rim completely on that jumper. I rescind my prior statement.
• KG hits a top-of-the-key jumper. After 13 seasons you would think people would realize that Garnett shoots from that range consistently.
• Smith blocks Rondo’s shot back to half court… with his elbow. Why do the Hawks always seem to get the athletic freaks? They have a Dominique clause and it’s a little unfair.
• Smith travels (uncalled) and passes to Marvin Williams (who also questionably travels, without a call). Yeah, the refs are really cracking down on traveling this year.
• Paul Pierce gets to the rim for a lefty finger-roll off of his go-to move: losing and then recovering the dribble as his defender lunges for what looks to be a loose ball. I still, after all these years, cannot determine if Pierce does this purposely or not.
• After 6 minutes, KG has 6 points and 6 rebounds. Evil. (more…)