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Sports + Intelligence ≠ Oxymoron (always)

July 30, 2008

In my opinion, there is increasingly less well written, intelligent, and thoughtful sports writing than in most other genres of writing. Maybe I missed the memo on this one; maybe sports are supposed to be aimed at the “common man,” and maybe this “common man” likes only four things: short sentences, simple vocabulary, beer, and chicken wings. Maybe a sports writer was the one who created this cliche in an article at some point, in which case maybe the majority of sports writers today are catering to a self-created stereotype.

Or maybe not. Whatever.

Regardless of the reason, the most common form of “intelligence” found in sports writing comes across in humor, attempted or achieved (*this blogger guiltily raises hand*).



Bulleted Thoughts

January 14, 2008

The sports world collectively upended itself over the past couple of days, and I am reeling. Not in a “my favorite team just got knocked out of the playoffs” kind of way (sorry Colts fans). It’s more based on the insanely high crazy stuff per hour ratio. With so much to weigh in on, I find it only right to bring back the bullets and work my through them.

  • For the life of me I cannot figure out Terrell Owens. Is he really crying because he thinks his quarterback might be criticized by the media? Isn’t that a little bit like crying on Sunday because the next day is Monday and you have to go back to work?


Theme of the New Year

January 1, 2008


Chyea. 2008. ’08. My man.

Rather than be a follower and make a 2007 wrap-up/compilation/best of/been done too many times before post, I’m trailblazing like a 13-game win-streak and writing to you from the other side of the line.

Instead of a 2007 post, it’s a 2008 post. But none of this prediction or year that will crap. The Y is closed today, and as a result I’m in need of some exercise. So partake in some mental iron pumping with me here (a la Jigga’s “Breathe Easy”) as I play number association with the concentric, and theme of the next 364 days, figure known simply as “8” (must be Brazilian).


Quick Hitter

November 19, 2007


A quick post before I’m on my way today–Thanksgiving’s rapidly approaching and there’s much to be done to prepare my sanity for an eight hour family road trip to the wonderful city of Montreal (yeah, to Canada for Thanksgiving–an American holiday… and you wonder why I’m the way I am).