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January 12, 2008

Heat at Hawks: to be continued

Seeing as how I missed the 2nd half of the Celtics win tonight (to see the late showing of The Bucket List—excellent by the way), I won’t comment about it until I see the Comcast replay showing tomorrow. Instead, allow me to weigh in on do-overs.

The league issued a ruling today stating that the outcome of the December 19 OT game between the Hawks and Heat (a 117-111 Atlanta victory) will not stand due to an incorrectly charged 6th foul to Shaquille O’Neal with 51.9 seconds remaining in the game and the Hawks up 112-111. Instead, the game’s final 51.9 seconds will be replayed (with the score 114-111 because Al Horford made both resulting free throws on Shaq’s “foul out”) and the new outcome honored. [For full stories click here (ESPN), here (, or here (USA Today)]

What’s most interesting to me about this situation is not the ruling to replay the effected portion of the game—although that too raises some issues—but the NBA’s rationale for the replay:



Perfection Continued: Heat vs. Celtics Game Recap

November 17, 2007


After a back-to-back against the Pacers and Nets, the Celtics looked rejuvenated following their rest day, as did the Boston fans. Then again, that is in comparison to how the Celtics fans acted when Jersey was in town, and in fairness to the Boston crowd, that’s like taking an Ambien and going to a middle school chorus recital.

The extra energy, while most noticeable in how the C’s ran in transition all game long, nearly derailed the Celtics at the end, with Boston committing untimely turnovers and ill-advised, near game-costing fouls. Luckily, Captain P came to the rescue, scoring the game winning basket with 22 seconds left, and Boston walked away a 92-91 victor and 8-0 on the season.