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Milk Carton Cases: Exhuming Kevin Johnson

November 21, 2007


You remember Kevin Johnson: he’s this guy. Coming back to you? He’s also this guy… and this guy too. “Oh, KJ!” you’re saying to yourself. Now you’ve got it.

KJ was quite the player back in his day. As the point man in charge of powering the dynamic Suns teams of the early 90’s–most notably the ’92-’93 squad that pushed MJ’s Bulls to the brink–he played with an excess of heart and displayed a penchant for piling up assists. Yet KJ is often overlooked when discussing the great point guards of the game. Don’t get me wrong, KJ is no first-ballot Hall of Famer, but he certainly has his place in the game’s history (for many reasons, including being a pioneer for point guards with ferocious dunking abilities–along with another guard from his era, who will likely find himself as the topic of a future Milk Carton Case).



Milk Carton Cases: Exhuming F. Lopez and B. Daugherty

November 12, 2007


Admit it, there are more players than you can count who were something back in the day, possibly even THE something, yet have faded into obscurity without even a peep from the under-observant, general sports fan public. If you’re like me, you forget you’ve forgotten them until something makes you remember that you forgot. Follow? (more…)