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NFL Championship Weekend Picks & Preview

January 18, 2008

This is a road in Arizona. I’m sure you get the idea.

Although my weekly NFL picks stopped after Week 12 (which may or may not have anything to do with the fact that my pick percentage took Reggie Wayne-like hit), they are back just in time for this season’s most important day.

With the lay-off comes a change to the format. Whereas before I was picking against the spread, these picks are straight win/loss. Reason being, at this point in the season, I care more about the excitement of the big game than I do worrying about the margin of victory. All that matters is winning, do so however you can.

So now, in reverse order (due to a New England bias, naturally), my Championship Weekend predictions:



NFL Week 12 Picks

November 21, 2007

The Dolphins New Mascot



You know what you’ve got to love? The ineptitude of damn near 80% of the NFL reporters and fans this year when it comes to the New England Patriots. It has gotten to the point that Tom Brady—born with a composed intellect, Ralph Lauren model hair, and the faint odor of Stetson cologne—finally allowed his frustration to reach a low simmer. SportsCenter played a voice clip of Brady telling a reporter that yes, in fact, the Patriots are trying to win by as much as they can against every opponent.

“We’re trying to play extremely well. We’re not trying to win 42-28. We’re trying to win–we’re trying to kill teams, to blow them out if we can. You want to build momentum for each week. You don’t want it to be 42-7 or 35-7 and then all of a sudden you look up and it’s 35-21.”


NFL Week 11 Picks

November 16, 2007


Want to know how to instill confidence in your readers about your picks for Week 11? Simply start off your post with this statement: There’s a good chance that I will go 2-14 this week. On the same hand, there’s an equally good chance I will go 14-2. Apparently, Vegas got sick of being burned by the common-sensical fan (like myself) who realized that a good number of the lines they were putting out lacked, you could say, intelligence (Green Bay -6.5 versus Minnesota? Baltimore -5.5 against Cincinnati?). In response, this week (with the aid of a strangely divided schedule) they decided to try and scare away bettors in an attempt to hedge their losses. In a week where all of the “might be good, might really suck” teams are squaring off, with the exception of the 3 1/2 powerhouses (Indy = 1/2 a powerhouse right now) playing weak opponents, Vegas basically said “Since we obviously don’t know what we’re doing, we’ll make the line a near pick on the tough games and extremely high on the lop-sided games–you go sweat it out!” Thanks Vegas, I feel like Patrick Ewing at the free throw line 39 seconds in to a game.


NFL Week 10 Picks

November 10, 2007


After having a few people ask me for my NFL picks due to recent semi-success in my Pigskin Pick’em Sports Guy League, I have decided to make my picks a weekly post on commaPause. I’ll give a little rationale behind each pick, but keep in mind, I am by no means an NFL expert (which is probably why I have been doing fairly well this season–a lack of expertise keeps me from over-thinking match-ups, plus I have relatively little team/player bias in the NFL as compared to the NBA). And remember, I charge 20% of all winnings, but the fine print at the bottom removes any responsibility for money lost from my picks. Or at least buy me a damn drink if you make some cash of me.


Week 1: 13-3

Week 2: 9-6

Week 3: 7-9

Week 4: 6-8

Week 5: 6-8

Week 6: 10-3

Week 7: 7-7

Week 8:10-3

Week 9: 9-5

Season: 77-52

Week 10 Picks (Home team in CAPS, lines based on opening week odds found on ESPN’s Pigskin Pick’em):

Atlanta (+4.5) over CAROLINA:
Carolina has looked horrendous for the past few weeks, with Steve Smith getting very few touches due to merry-go-round of quarterbacks. With Carr out this week, and Testaverde injured, I’ll take the Falcons on this one. (more…)