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The Dunk Contest We Would Run

January 19, 2008

The glory years of the dunk contest… we can bring them back

Late last week, All-Star Weekend Dunk Contest invites started going out. On Saturday, Randy Kim at AOL Sports wrote an article about Jamario Moon’s inclusion, and then yesterday Mike Trudell at reported that defending champion Gerald Green accepted his own invitation to participate.

That means that within a few days, half of the participants have already been chosen. Henry Abbott at TrueHoop speculates that Dwight Howard should and will also be included, leaving only one remaining spot.

Don’t get me wrong, seeing Gerald Green and Dwight Howard square off in another dunk contest won’t be so bad, but I’m sick of how the league continues to mishandle a wonderful opportunity for sheer excitement. How can it be so hard to run a fruitful dunk contest when there are so many years of successful models from which to copy?



So Little Inspiration

September 11, 2007


The doldrums of late summer/early autumn are officially upon us, and as we all know, that means NOTHING is happening in the NBA. I have spent an entire week trying to think of something meaningful, funny, or otherwise to write about.

Well, I’ve got nothing.

I refuse to write about Mickael Pietrus, the blockbuster trade of Steven Hunter and Bobby Jones for Reggie Evans and Ricky Sanchez, or another NBA player getting caught with marijuana in his car (a side note, STOP SMOKING IN YOUR CAR YOU IDIOTS–JUST SMOKE AT YOUR MILLION DOLLAR HOMES!!!).

So, what am I left with? I have no NBA TV, so that rules out the Eurobasket tournament. Phil Jackson was inducted into the Hall of Fame… yup, just covered that one. Isiah Thomas continues to suck at everything, but that doesn’t count as news. Nor does Dinosaur Oden’s knee-ache (remember reading about how dinosaurs were so tall that it took them like 2 minutes to feel a pin prick in their foot because of the massive expanse of nerves the sensation had to travel through? Dinosaur Oden ladies and gentlemen). Kevin McHale traded Al Jefferson to Larry Bird, er, the Pacers for Darrell Armstrong and a 3rd round pick, that is nearly newsworthy… be honest, you had to check to see if I was kidding about that one didn’t you. (more…)