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To the Victor Goes The Spoils: My Truth

February 4, 2008

To Henry: I’ve got Re-Up Gang Vol. 3 on in the background. This is for you.

Men are measured by many things. I choose to measure myself this morning by my ability to be gracious, humble, and completely and unabashedly honest.

To the Giants and their fans, congratulations.

To the Patriots, fuck you.

I’ve had that inside me for weeks now, just churning in my loins (Will Ferrell can’t just be Ron Burgundy with a basketball uniform on, that’s not original). Like all things kept inside, it grew with each passing suppressive day of silence.

Well, the rationale for silence came crashing down around me last night, so silence, be gone! Get out of here silence (sorry, I just watched There Will Be Blood the other night—you’ll get that if you’ve seen it)!

Here is what I have to say:



I Dare You to, Tom Coughlin

December 27, 2007

Wave it proudly, Coughlin

In every writing workshop I ever had–or the one’s that were worth a damn at least–the professor would make a general comment on the first day of class along the lines of this: “Leave the disclaimers out of your work; don’t put one in your piece, and don’t give us one before you read it aloud.”

Will someone please relay that message to Tom Coughlin?