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Are the Words the Weapons?

July 30, 2008

One of the controversial Nike ads hung at the West 4th station

If you’ve been following the business section of the news lately, you may have heard about the firestorm Nike stirred up with its ad campaign for the release of the new (and supposedly revolutionary) basketball sneaker the Nike Hyperdunk (I want a pair — any givers for a broke Grad School Student?).

A brief summary for those who don’t feel like following the link: Nike’s ad campaign shows tightly cropped, staged pictures of one player dunking over/on another, with the dunker obviously sporting his Hyperdunks. The controversy lies in the fact that the player getting dunked on has the the dunker’s crotch in his face. Each picture has its own slogan, like “That Ain’t Right” for example.

Many people are claiming that the ads play on homophobia, a rampant problem in the world of sports.

Many others are claiming that the homophobia is not the intent of nor is it inherent in the ad, and that people are merely digging for something to dispute.



Knowing When It’s Time to Stop

July 29, 2008

Athlete blogs — great, right?

Gilbert’s a beast of a blogger (or shall we say, dictator, from what I’ve been hearing lately). Schilling’s controversial. It offers some great perspective.

Except, when it the perspective it offers is too much. MUCH too much (not to TrueHoop for spotting this).